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It takes a guide to move in an unknown area. Consider life as one of such unknown areas and build some principles to guide you through.

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“I Write Because…”

I drew my inspiration for this post from a Feature by Ben Huberman

via “I Write Because…”: Six Bloggers on Finding Inspiration for Their Sites

 I enjoy getting my thoughts and ideas onto paper, or in this case, online. Although I am not a famous blogger, I feel that I still have a presence and voice online. I enjoy being able to blog for me, if I reach others and pick up a following online, that will be amazing, however, I started this blog as an outlet for me. I have always loved writing and kept a diary and or journal on and off ever since I could write. My passion for writing coupled with my need for an outlet in life is what inspired me to blog. 
Daily Prompt Posts


via Daily Prompt: Strategy

In order to achieve goals, determination and effort are always needed. However, I feel that most people forget that energy put into determination and effort ought to be carefully calculated and focused. It must be strategically focused energy in order to achieve your goals and fullest potential.

I love to plan, strategize, and focus on achieving my goals. So, today’s word prompt of the day serves as a reminder to continue doing so.


Growth: Photo Challenge


Over the course of 2017 and leading into 2018, I have been on a consistent uphill battle in order to find out who I am independent of those around me. I have fought myself and my criticisms to slowly reclaim and develop my self-worth, in addition to finding who I am. I still have a way to go, however, I feel a steadily consistent growth and steps in the right direction. This year I will be 21 and cannot wait to see where I am in December 2018.


Photo by Zack Bazile

Daily Prompt Posts


via Daily Prompt: Treat

The word of the day runs perfectly with what I am trying to do in 2018. Some may have taken the word of the day and described a treat they may love, but it served as a reminder to me that I need to a better job at treating myself. I do so much for others and give so much of myself to others. However, I need to do a better job at showing myself love and doing the little things to treat myself.

It doesn’t have to mean doing anything outrageous, it can be as simple as deep conditioning my hair or adding a face mask into my night routine. The little things add up.


The Intentional Cliché

I’m sure all consistent bloggers are reading this with an eye roll. However, blogging was an amazing form of an outlet for me six months ago when I gathered the guts to create it. Along the way, I have lost touch and lost sight of it and would love to continue with blogging. These are my new year’s resolutions:

…to become more mentally stable and in control of my emotions, in addition to understanding them.

…to become even more independent this year and build upon the foundation I have built in 2017.

…to have healthy coping mechanisms and surround myself with the best support system.

…to develop a stronger faith.

…to continue to find who I am, independent of others and outside expectations.

In 2018, I understand that it is not like I am walking through a magical portal where all my resolutions will happen. I know that I have to work to make things happen and I intend on my blog being an outlet for me as I take on the new-found challenges of this New Year.