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What Running Has Done For Me

Every runner when asked about running think about the grueling practices and rewarding races, but I’d like to write about what running has done for me, the positives only. (Although, tough practices that make you question why you run, is something I can go on and on about.)

The biggest thing running has done for me (and my family) is a free education. That is the most rewarding thing and something that I am truly proud of. It makes me feel as if my parents’ sacrifices were 100% worth it. The money spent on weekends traveling to meets (gas, hotel, food, etc.) has been essentially paid back to them in a round about way. I am so proud and happy that I was able to earn this scholarship.

I have met so many people through running throughout the years, I’ve made lifelong friends and developed relationships that will last forever. I also met my boyfriend through running (I know what you’re thinking “my boyfriend”, really? But, we’ve been together almost 3 years officially, 3 and a half unofficially).

I get to travel around the world (literally), as well as around the country to new and exciting places. Last summer, I made the IAAF World U-20 team and traveled to Bydgoszcz, Poland to compete for USA.

Running has brought me so many lows and a tremendous amount of highs. The good definitely outweighs the bad, so I am so proud to be a runner and to have a special connection to Global Running Day.


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