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Post-Race Day


Rolling over as I hear my alarm sound, my body reminds me that last night I raced.

I feel my hamstrings ache and instantly I flashback to the fact that last night I ran.

Standing up, as I precede to walk to the bathroom, my ankles crack and pop releasing stiffness.

My soreness consumes my body and I begin to walk in favor of the parts of my body that are the most sore.

Post-race soreness has always been a good type of pain, but, only when you run your best. I’d much rather have run well and been sore, than to have ran horribly and been sore.




One thought on “Post-Race Day

  1. Good on you for participating in the race and it sounded like you gave it your all. I haven’t run too many races in my life. The last time I did was back in high school. These days I go hiking instead. Like you, sometimes physical activity that is done well leaves me sore…but leaves me with a sense of accomplishment and also a feeling of wanting to do it all over again. Hope you get some rest and your muscles feel better soon 🙂

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