The Intentional Cliché

I’m sure all consistent bloggers are reading this with an eye roll. However, blogging was an amazing form of an outlet for me six months ago when I gathered the guts to create it. Along the way, I have lost touch and lost sight of it and would love to continue with blogging. These are my new year’s resolutions:

…to become more mentally stable and in control of my emotions, in addition to understanding them.

…to become even more independent this year and build upon the foundation I have built in 2017.

…to have healthy coping mechanisms and surround myself with the best support system.

…to develop a stronger faith.

…to continue to find who I am, independent of others and outside expectations.

In 2018, I understand that it is not like I am walking through a magical portal where all my resolutions will happen. I know that I have to work to make things happen and I intend on my blog being an outlet for me as I take on the new-found challenges of this New Year.



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