We rode along in the car, just him and I. The open road ahead of us, windows rolled down, and the music blaring as we sang our favorite songs. Trumpets by Jason Derulo. That’s our song. Anything with a good beat and lyrics that mean something is eligible for the karaoke list on our car rides. But, something about Trumpets stuck out to us. We’ve been together almost 3 years now and we always sing that song together, where one of us is slacking on hitting the notes, the other picks up. Although we both love music and to sing and dance, that’s not what brought us together.

One of the best things about track is him.

It was a normal day of practice at the local gym, my coach and his coach were speaking as him and I warmed up in separate parts of the building. Ironically, our coaches were speaking about us before they eventually introduced us. I had heard of him, he had heard of me…yet, we just hadn’t met. Little did we know, all we need was a little push and guidance. We connected instantly and were together within two months or so. We have so much in common, yet are so different. We compliment each other, but at the same time balance each other out. Track is such a rigorous and relentless sport, but there have been so many positives. One of the best things about track is meeting new people, especially him. From that moment on in the gym…we have been interconnected and have shared something amazing. Our bond is something invaluable…